About Us

At Myrtle Creek Farm, our main focus is on growing grains and providing quality milled flour for our customers.

Our Farm

We not only grow our crops organically but by taking care of our soil as well. Each year our soil is tested and amendments with trace minerals are added to address the fertility and mineral content of every individual field. We feel that by having minerals available to the plants for optimal growth, means that our products will be nutrient dense and able to provide the minerals that we each need to be healthy.

Red Fife

Great grains

A variety of grains are grown at Myrtle Creek Farm, so that we can meet all of your baking needs. Both the hard red and hard white wheats are high in protein and therefore have the gluten content needed for superb bread, hamburger buns or pizza dough. Our wheat varieties also have flavor profiles that you won’t find with commercial wheat that is grown for quantity and profit margin.  You will be able to taste the difference when you use our wheat flour.

Clover Flowers

Not Just flowers...

We also rotate and fallow our fields with cover crops like vetch or clover that add nitrogen to the soil. They help to choke out weeds and act as an organic compost when worked back into the soil. Cover crops are also helpful to retain moisture and provide an early nectar source for all types of pollinators and birds. Each year we enjoy planting flower rows or meadow areas for our native pollinators. These flowers bloom late into the season benefiting all types of insects and then go to seed to become a winter food source for both native and migratory birds.

Waffles made with our flour

Flour Power

Barley flour is our favorite for making pancakes and waffles! It is tender, has a wonderful flavor and can also be used as an adjunct when baking bread, rolling pasta or making biscuits. It doesn’t have the protein and gluten that yeast needs to rise but works wonderfully in recipes where baking powder or baking soda are used for leavening instead.

Myrtle Creek Farm Pie Crust

Your baking staple

Our soft red wheat is perfect for pastries. Your pie crust will have flavor and not just be something that holds your pie together! Soft wheat flour can also be used in biscuits, tortillas and pasta or be combined with hard wheat flour to make an all-purpose blend.

Angela and Del Blanchard

Low carbon footprint

After we grow and harvest our grain, we clean and mill it ourselves as well. This lowers our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of trucking needed and gives us more control over the quality of our product. It also means that nothing is wasted, since any broken kernels or seeds that are removed during cleaning are saved for chicken feed and excess straw that is not needed on the field can be baled and used for organic animal bedding.

Sunflower and bees on our farm

Nature at her best!

In addition, there are mason bee boxes, birdhouses, and adjacent forested and riparian areas to provide a well-balanced farm ecosystem. It’s common on the farm to see Swallows, Western Bluebirds, Goldfinches, Chickadees, Quail, fox, deer and insects like ladybugs, praying mantis, and butterflies.

At Myrtle Creek Farm, It's the soil, the insects, the animals, the product and the consumers all coming together to benefit one another.