Welcome to Myrtle Creek Farm, where our dedication to sustainable farming practices and the passion for providing exceptional organic heirloom flour unite. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Oregon, we specialize in cultivating nutrient-dense organic grains and crafting quality milled flour for your culinary delight.

At Myrtle Creek Farm, nurturing the soil is as important as growing our crops organically. Annual soil tests guide us in amending with trace minerals, ensuring optimal fertility and mineral content in every field. This meticulous approach results in nutrient-dense products, offering you the healthful minerals essential for well-being.

Our commitment extends to sustainable farming methods, such as crop rotation and cover cropping with vetch or clover. These not only add nitrogen to the soil but also act as natural compost, promoting weed control. The flourishing cover crops retain moisture, providing an early nectar source for diverse pollinators and birds. Flower rows and meadows further contribute to a vibrant ecosystem, benefiting insects and providing a winter food source for native and migratory birds.
Witness the harmonious coexistence of Swallows, Western Bluebirds, Goldfinches, Chickadees, Quail, foxes, deer, ladybugs, praying mantises, and butterflies, all contributing to a balanced farm ecosystem.

Diversity defines Myrtle Creek Farm, offering a range of organic heirloom grains to meet your baking needs. Our hard red and hard white wheats, rich in protein, impart the gluten content essential for outstanding bread, hamburger buns, or pizza dough. Experience unique flavor profiles absent in commercial wheat grown for quantity and profit. Taste the difference with every use of our organic wheat flour.

Indulge in the soft red organic wheat, perfect for pastries that transcend the ordinary. Elevate your pie crusts with flavor and versatility, extending to biscuits, tortillas, and pasta. Combine with hard organic wheat flour for an all-purpose blend that adds a distinctive touch to your creations.

Our organic barley flour, a pancake enthusiast’s favorite, offers tenderness and delightful flavor. Ideal for baking, rolling pasta, or making biscuits, it lacks the protein and gluten required for yeast rising but excels with baking powder or baking soda leavening.

Post-harvest, we take control of the entire process, from cleaning to milling, reducing our carbon footprint. Broken kernels or seeds find purpose as chicken feed, while excess straw becomes organic animal bedding, leaving no waste behind.

At Myrtle Creek Farm, it’s a synergy of soil, insects, animals, product, and consumers coming together to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem. Join us on a journey of sustainable, farm-to-table organic flour milling, bringing the best from our family to yours.